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Hey, guess what!! I’m a 7th grader and I’m going into middle school!!!! Can you believe it people!! I can now say that I’m a 7th grader!! I can’t even believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were starting 6th grade and now all the sudden were 7th graders!!!!

So people of the world, can you believe it either! Because I sure can’t!!


During the last nine weeks of the 2009 and 2010 school year, we had D.A.R.E with Deputy Thomas. We learned many ways drugs were bad for you. In this essay I will explain what we did in D.A.R.E and how much I learned from it.

Something we learned in D.A.R.E about alcohol was that too much of it can slow the body and lead to coma or death. Something else about alcohol is that it can damage every organ in your body and it can hurt or kill people that weren’t even drinking.

One of the things we did in D.A.R.E  that was fun and related to alcohol was the D.U.I goggles. We had to walk in a straight line and then catch a ball that Deputy Thomas would throw to us. I think that this was one of the best moments in D.A.R.E. Everyone had a lot of fun! The D.U.I goggles made stuff look sideways, blurry, and everything was just plain off. The point of the goggles was to show us what it would feel like to be drunk. And from that, I absolutely know that I’m not going to drink and drive.

Also in D.A.R.E, we learned about tobacco and cigarettes.  We learned that over 400,000 people die each year from tobacco-related causes. Another thing is that smoking can make your teeth yellow and cause your breath to smell. A thing we did in D.A.R.E that was related to tobacco and cigarettes was that Deputy Thomas brought in Smoking Susie and her boyfriend, Mr. Dip-lip. These were sort of carton characters brought to life. They were to show us what our mouth would look like if we chewed dip and to show us how cigarettes could damage our lungs if we smoked. Both of them were a big hit.

Pretty recently in D.A.R.E was the D.A.R.E  Family Feud game. We separated into four groups and Deputy Thomas would go to each group and would ask us a question and we had 30 seconds or so to talk it over with our group and then answer. While doing that, it really refreshed my memory of what we learned through D.A.R.E.

Those are just a few things about how fun D.A.R.E was. And over all, I absolutely loved D.A.R.E! It was super fun all the time and I learned a lot too. And on through my life, I pledge to never let peer pressure get to me and to never even think about doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

Theres so many trees

they all are green

It began this month

when it all went green

After a long hot rain

is when they all turned  green

As the days go by,

there’s more turning that summer green

It’s on that hill

were its hill-side green

Inspired by my thoughts in math.

My dog is so very interesting

My dog likes carrots–

how weirder can it get

And oh how she loves her milk

Her favorite sport is,

chasing the bees

Even though she swells up like a

blow fish

So you see,  I really do have an

Interesting Dog, Dog

Inspired By Juney Bee

Thanks For Reading!!!!


We had to comment on The Reading Workshop on a post called Why You Should Control Your Destiny. This was my comment.

I think that for the most part, I control my destiny. But my parents still  have a little control towards it. I don’t have full control because I’m not old enough and my parents still have to steer the way so that I don’t get off track to much.

Some of the things that I do have control over is how I do in school, how my grades are, and who I hang out with. But other things that I don’t have control over is like if my parents want to move, then I can have my two cents on it but, if my parents want to move then we are going to move.

I think that as I get older, and on through my life, I will get more and more control of my destiny. Soon I will have full responsibility of what happens to my destiny and were I go in life.

Thanks For Reading!!


Finally the cold harsh winter is over and we can now get to the warm pretty spring! But have you noticed that kind of over night everything just turns green? Well I have and it sometimes seems very spooky!

Were I live, I’m surrounded by trees and about 3 days ago it went from boring bare trees to nice and green trees! (SPOOKY) And don’t get me started about the flowers! Kidding! But yeah the flowers are just popping up out of no were! Like here a flower, there a flower, every where a flower!

So what do think, is it spooky to you too that all the sudden BAM there’s green trees and flowers galore? Well let me know!

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I got a new fishing pole (ugly stick) about 3 days ago and it is the best!! I’ve gone fishing only twice and have cought only 2 fish! But not to worry because they were awesome fish–one was a really big blue gill and another was a pretty good size small mouth bass! My dad cought 5 fish just today! (I think he has some kind of a secret!)

So world, do you like to fish? Do you have a secret? Let me know! Don’t hold anything back, I can take it!!

Thanks for reading!

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